TWEET US!Archive

Hiiiiii =]

Our name’s are Dom & Angela and we’re both 21 years old :)

  • Yes, we know we look like we’re 12.
  • ..and act 12.
  • We are both best friends!
  • We are both from New Zealand but Angela lives in Australia now.
  • We luuurrrveee Katy Perry as you can probably guess.
  • Obsessedddd with The Cobra Snake clothing and have mad crushes on Skeettttt
  • We both travelled the USA together for like 5 months in 2010 and that’s when we met Katy for the first time in NYC!
  • We update this blog as much as we can. Well, a lot. Because we don’t really have much of a social life.
  • Our twitters are: @DominiqueWard and @AngelaDiamzon
  • We are always open to talk, so please don’t be afraid to use the Ask box! :)
  • We can be quite sarcastic so don’t take everything we say too seriously/personally.
  • We ONLY blog things to do with Katy.. nothing else!
  • Yes, we stalked Katy in NYC BUT in our defense she tweeted where she was.. haha.
  • Plz don’t call us ‘obsessed’, we are just dedicated and lurveee her very much so.

Angela has been to:

  • Hello Katy Tour 2009 - Brisbane, Australia.
  • The Today Show 2010 - New York, USA.
  • CDT 2011 - Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia (twice)

Dom has been to:

  • The Today Show 2010 - New York, USA.
  • CDT 2011 - Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia, Wellington, New Zealand and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Because apparently it’s important on Tumblr to know what everyone looks like so everyone can judge one another, here’s a couple of photos of us, but please try not to be too jealous at how pretty we are: