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NYC with Katy - the first time we met her :)

SO. It was August 27th 2010. The day before Katy was scheduled to be performing on the Today Show in NYC.

Angela and I were super excited and decided to do the right KatyCat deed and sleep out on the streets the night before so we could get good spots the next morning in the crowd. We got to the line at about 5pm. We were probably 10th in line. We sat down with our pretzels and pringles and started to talk to the other girls (and a few guys) that were there. It was super fun, and we kept counting down the hours until Katy was due to perform.

We were sooo tired when it hit 7am, and Katy took to the stage! We hadn’t slept. I had a 45 minute “sleep” on the concrete at about 3am. Angela didn’t sleep a wink. Katy performed amazingly and the atmosphere was pretty cool. It was all on camera and live TV and everything.

ANYWAY, after it was all over, we tried so hard to meet Katy. She was taking photos with so many people and signing things, but the crowd was so big we missed out. After that, we went back to our hotel and slept until 9pm! we woke up and got some food and then back to out hotel room. We were playing around on the internet etc, and at about midnight Katy tweets, “Splash….NYC….you hear me?”.

“ANGELA!” I said, “Look at Katy’s tweet!”. We both looked at each other and said “Omg, should we go?”. We both agreed that we would regret it if we didn’t.

So we google mapped where Splash was and got dressed, and went on a sketchy subway. It was about 1am at this point.

We go off the subway and saw the club straight away! The first thing I saw were two ladies smoking outside the club. They were tall and had purple afro wigs on. “Omg it’s Katy’s backup singers!”. But it wasn’t. It was a gay/transvestite/drag queen club! LOL.

There were soooo many men dressed up in women’s clothing and weird, bright wigs and makeup. It was so intimidating and weird and we both didn’t really know where we were or if we were in the right place… but we kept walking. We were 20 yrs old at the time so couldn’t get into the club, so we sat outside on some steps for about an hour.

After a while we started to see men bringing out a sparkly microphone. Our hearts were beating so fast. Katy MUST be due to come outside soon!

About 3 paparazzi’s started walking towards the club, and we kept our eyes peeled.

15 minutes later, I hear “Katy! Katy!” and saw all these camera flashes. I saw all these flashes on her and I was like “HOLY FUCK ANGELA IT’S HER!!!”

We literally RAN around all these cars to get to the other side of the crowd.

“Katy!” Angela yells.

Katy was about to get into her car, but she turns around. “Katy! Can we get a photo with you? omg we love you! we saw you at the Today Show this morning!” Angela was spazzing! and I was just in so much shock.

“Of course you can! of course!” Katy smiled.

Angela got out her camera and gave it to a random guy (we don’t even know who?) and we had the BIGGEST smiles on our faces, that the photo is probably the ugliest photo of the two of us ever. Katy looks hot though.

One of the paparazzi said “Can you guys please pose for WireImage?”. I don’t remember much, just all these flashes. I felt like I was in a dream.

The random guy gave the camera to Katy and she turns to me with the camera and says “Can you check? Can you check to see if the photo came out okay?”. I didn’t say anything. I was just staring at her. “Can you check….?” she said again. I finally answered “Oh. Oh um. It’s not mine it’s hers!” and pointed to Angela. Katy turns to Angela and repeats “Can you check?”. Angela showed Katy the photo and she said “Ooo it looks good!”

I don’t even remember much after this. I remember being like “Omg I love you. Thank you so much. This is the best day ever!”. She kinda laughed and said “Okay, bye girls!” and waved and got into the car.

Oh.My.Fucking.God. Did that really happen? Did we just meet Katy Perry? Is this a dream?

We fucking ran down the street SCREAMING. And laughing and smiling. We were acting crazy. The embarrassing thing is, Katy probably saw all of this as the car she was in, was driving past us! hahahaha.

The first person I rang was my Mum. I don’t even remember the phone call.

But we both will never, ever ever ever ever forget this day.

We met Katy Perry outside a transvestite club in NYC at 2:30 in the morning.
Not other many people can say that, right?

Love you foreverzzz katy :)

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